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Applies to any meal, any snack, any day of the week!

Done and done! 
    • Print out the emailed order confirmation receipt and bring it to the cafeteria manager.
    • Balance is not 'meal specific' or 'time specific'. 
    • We allow for snow days, sick days, hurricane, strike, typhoon, tsunami or alien attack. 
    • You can control what meals or days your balance gets used.
    • Balance may be used by multiple persons.
    • You'll get a chance to assign names before final purchase.
    • We'll  use a declining balance until it is around $10. Please have balance to zero by the end of the current school year. We cannot carryover balances to the next school year.
    • IMPORTANT: Only when the manager receives the "printed order confirmation receipt email", will your balance be usable.
    • When the balance is around $10, the cafeteria manager will verbally notify and may send home a little reminder note to 'top-up' your current balance. For current balance value please contact your cafeteria manager by phone.


    • Our Healthy Choice Menu

      • We love local produce and ingredients and will always consider this when making purchasing decisions. 
      • Majority of ingredients used to prepare our meals are sources in Atlantic Canada and / or Canada.
      • Gluten free meals can be accommodated. Please talk with school admin / manager to coordinate. GF meal price may vary.
      • Vegetarian meals can be accommodated. Please talk with school admin / manager to coordinate. 
      • We encourage anyone with food allergies, sensitivities or special dietary needs to contact/notify the cafeteria manager. 
      • We will work with you the very best we can. 
      • Products and ingredients sold exclusively to MC FOOD SERVICE SOLUTIONS produces a menu that is made up of 70% maximum and 30% moderate food choices as per the directives in the Food & Nutrition policy.
      • MC FOOD SERVICE SOLUTIONS and its employees do not assume responsibility for a particular allergy or sensitivity to any foods provided in any of our cafeterias.
      • Variations may occur due to differences in suppliers, ingredients substitutions, recipe revisions, meal assembly at the cafeteria, and/or seasons of the year. Certain menu items may not be available at all locations.